Workshop on Advanced Software Composition and Decomposition

In conjunction with ADBIS 2010

Novi Sad, Serbia

September 20-24, 2010

Due to the insufficient number of submissions, the workshop has been canceled.

Workshop on Advanced Software Composition and Decomposition provides a space to discuss advanced approaches to software composition and decomposition (modularity) often classified as aspect-oriented software development. Despite these approaches are often seen as a solution to the problem of crosscutting concerns, they are of much wider applicability and may serve in achieving an advanced, flexible separation of concerns in general.

This is actually how aspect-orientation has been perceived at its start—recognized then also in composition filters, subject-oriented programming, or adaptive programming—before it got narrowed driven by the need for an immediate working solution.

The workshop solicits submissions that target advanced approaches to software composition and decomposition. This includes their application throughout the software development lifecycle in general and in various areas such as component-based systems, information systems, databases, middleware, conceptual modeling, business process modeling, distributed systems, service-oriented systems, etc., as well as their evaluation. Among specific approaches, role modeling and the Data–Context–Interaction (DCI) architecture are particularly interesting. Exploring common backgrounds of advanced composition and decomposition approaches deserves attention, too.

Submissions are expected to provoke a discussion that will go beyond the ideas directly presented in the workshop with an outlook to be published in a joint paper.

The workshop is held in conjunction with 14th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, ADBIS 2010. Please refer to the conference site for the information on registration and venue.